Khadijo Kwabena is a native born Virgin Islander from St. Croix US Virgin Islands, he's current a  multi instrumentalist musician, music educator on the high school level and an entho-musicologist of Reggae music. Khadijo, did professional music studies in the United States, obtaining degrees in Music Education and Ethno- Musicology.

At the moment he has produced 5 albums with the latest being VETIVER which is considered a Tropical Jazz album. It should be noted that the albums: After ALL THIS TIME, JOURNEY THROUGH and TRES are not Vibraphone related, because Khadijo was in a music producer zone in those years. However with the release of THE OBSIDIAN ep album, that album marks the beginning of the Vibraphone years. Most recently Khadijo has a completed a single entitled RAMAPOSA which is an Afro Jazz tune that features: Yoshea Daniels on Tenor Saxophone, Stanford James on Steel Pan and Adrian Edwards on Djembe, Roland Wells on Drums and Alaric Francis on Bass along with Khadijo on Piano, Keyboards, Marimba, Bata Drums and Vibraphone.

Khadijo's music can be described as Reggae-Jazz Vibraphone although it varies with different styles of other kinds of music. Reggae-Jazz Vibraphone is not a new thing to the scene of music at all. Infact it was Lennie Hibbert, a Jamaican musician from back in the 50s through the 70s that was and still considered the Father of Reggae-Jazz Vibraphone. Today Khadijo considers himself a Reggae-Jazz Vibraphonist standing on the shoulders and legacy of past Vibraphonist of the years gone by, and he hopes to continue pushing the instrument and music globally.