Polyphonik is the 2nd Vibraphone related album from Khadijo. This album has  electronic and pop music elements that are really exciting to listen to. SOUND GONE HIGH dabbles into the hip hop flavor that is not always heard with vibraphone...but rings through with confidence and strength from the percussion and a song-like quality in the melody from the vibes. Flutist Elise Catera joins in on cuts RISE ABOVE, and BEST FRIENDS, where she  makes her presence known through the light airy phrases that gives the music a lift, through harmonic blends.  Moreover Khadijo expanded the palette to give his poetry skills a run on A BLACK WOMAN Part I. Part II of the same song opens up to Kevin Junior who masterfully crafted his steelpan contribution to give a breezy Caribbean element. The sultry alto sax of Yoshea Daniels returned on LET IT GO which is said "to give the broken heart closure after a lost love".  The soul stirring REMEMBER THEM, reminds us of the horrendous transatlantic journey African slaves took in the Middle Passage using the melodica to tell the story.
Once again, Khadijo has done an awesome job bringing forth this musical project. The Reggae Jazz genre has something new to add to its rich musical line. Khadijo is top shelf !