So here it is… a brand new Reggae Jazz Vibraphone album.

This project has its linage out of the vibraphone reggae jazz era that started with Lennie Hibbert in the 60s and 70s. Now, fast forward many years later and now comes Khadijo, a qualified musician from the Virgin Islands that’s doing the same thing with the same kind of instrument.

Khadijo’s Obsidian album, is a very important album not only with respect to two genres that it slides comfortably between but, specifically to the region of the world that it’s coming from. It’s well known, that the Steel Pan is the most dominant percussive melodic instrument of the Caribbean. So with the vibraphone taking up residence, it makes listeners pay attention to what’s going on or better yet changing. Khadijo is no stranger to the scope of recorded music. To his credit, he has 3 jazz infused albums, and a tropical jazz song out there. But even within those albums, elements of reggae music can be heard confidently.

Reggae Jazz music is out front with the spotlight on the vibraphone in the Obsidian. This album boast of five, nicely done reggae jazz songs, one of which is called Brothers and Sisters.  This song gives a beautiful and respectable nod to Peter Tosh’s tune “Brand New Second Hand”.  Panoramic Dub is on its 3rd run from prior albums, it blesses us with the Vibes Edition in a remixed form, adding some bright percussive licks. Rasta Baby and In Sync, the album’s single are duets that features Yoshea Daniels on Alto Saxophone.

Even though Khadijo’s Reggae Jazz vibraphone music is very unique in both the Jazz and Reggae music worlds respectively, it’s off on a great start blending the two.